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The exhibition EXEMPLARY: 150 Years of the MAK – from Arts and Crafts to Design sparks an inspired and inspiring confrontation between the long-standing history of the MAK collection and contemporary design avant-garde. Tying in with EXEMPLARY’s unique presentation, nine

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  Sabine Seymour combines the fields of design, fashion, science, and technology. The goal of her trans-disciplinary work in research and development is to find innovative appliqués for “wearable technology”, technology we wear directly on the body: integrated in the

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Marlies Wirth, Kuratorin der Ausstellungsreihe ANGEWANDTE KUNST. HEUTE hat uns ein paar Fotos vom Aufbau der Ausstellung soma architecture. Immanent Elasticity geschickt! Die von soma architecture für ihre Einzelausstellung im MAK konzipierte begehbare Installation handelt von Elastizität, der Eigenschaft spezifischer

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To mark the museum’s jubilee, the MAK presents an inspiring juxtaposition between the tradition-steeped MAK collection and contemporary avant-garde design. Divided into nine areas, the exhibition reveals changing perspectives between defining moments of the MAK’s history—which are told through the

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Sabine Seymour’s selection for extending the MAK collection within the exhibition „EXEMPLARY: 150 Years of the MAK – from Arts and Crafts to Design,” displays a cross section of a futuristic market: Google Glass promises augmented reality, mechanically transformed clothing