E-Broidery – EXEMPLARY: 150 Years of the MAK – from Arts and Crafts to Design

18. November 2014


Akris/Albert Kriemler, Ladies’ gown with luminous embroideryinspired by the stellar landscapes of the artist Thomas Ruff, Akris, Herbst/Winter 2014/15, Défilé, CH, 2014, Silk crêpe, tulle, LED, e-broidery®

That piece is an example of the use of LED technology and research, modestly embellishing this elegant evening gown. The small lights are provided with electricity via “embroidery” made of threads that can conduct electricity.The technology doubles as decoration and fades from the spotlight. This is Alfred Kriemler’s specialty, using an artistic spirit to perfect technological innovations.



Akris, Albert Kriemler, Outfits with luminous embroidery from runway collection Akris (Fall/Winter 2014/15), inspired by stellar landscapes of artists Thomas Ruff © Akris