Morphing Hood Dress – EXEMPLARY: 150 Years of the MAK – from Arts and Crafts to Design

16. Juli 2014


Porträt Sabine Seymour
© Daniel Gruber


Sabine Seymour combines the fields of design, fashion, science, and technology. The goal of her trans-disciplinary work in research and development is to find innovative appliqués for “wearable technology”, technology we wear directly on the body: integrated in the garment as a technically constructed “second skin” or as an accessory.

Hussein Chalayan
Morphing Hood Dress, Airborne Kollektion (Herbst/Winter 2007). In Zusammenarbeit mit Swarovski, © Swarovski/Foto: Chris Moore


Significant impulse for her creative work comes from the designer Hussein Chalayan who used in his very early career as a fashion designer and concept artist, technology to develop new means of expression through clothing. With the help of mechatronics and lighting technology, for example, he made sculptural items of changeable clothing and turned the wearing of clothes into a performance.


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