Scientific Skin: Electronic Skin

29. Oktober 2013



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Just a decade ago epidermal electronics that can be applied directly to the skin deemed impossible but today have materialized at research labs worldwide. Epidermal electronics is a form of electronics that almost precisely matches the skin’s mechanical properties being comprised of active circuit components.

The article Bionic Skin for a Cyborg You, Flexible electronics allow us to cover robots and humans with stretchy sensors published at IEEE explains the current stage of epidermal electronics developed in research institutes at the University of Tokyo and at the Rogers Lab at the University of Illinois.

Scientists create paper-thin electronic SKIN that responds to touch and pressure – and could give feeling to prosthetic limbs talks about the work done at Berkley and spin offs that are using the research developed.

In the Fashionable Technology Report Scientific Fashion published by Moondial we talk about projects, concepts, and research in epidermal electronics and synthetic biology and the possible implications for fashion and the body.